Distance is the death of love. These words come to me from a different train of thought. Love is undying, it changes colour, it changes shape but under the decorations, its still the same.

Distance is the death of love. But what can we do when the lifeline is far, when the other side of the coin starts fading, when the other lets go of the rope cutting into our hands

Distance is the death of love. Some day, far from the today, i will think about the love which was lost, a love which was incomplete and yet it was true. A love which died at the hands of time.

Distance is the death of loyalty. It is the death of memories, it is the death of habits, it is the death of closeness. It is something that eats away at a lover’s heart, as he or she writhes in different corners of the world, longing to see a face that they lost.

Distance is the death of hope. A hope to find each other in the crowd, on a sunny, summer afternoon maybe. Run into each other by chance, say hello with a shy glance. Or maybe share some memories they made without you. But hope is dead, and so are you.

Rock bottom

Its weird how one day the world stops making sense, things do not add up and logic takes away the train of thoughts

Its funny how life treats you to wonderful moments and snatches the source away as soon as you try to understand the feeling they bestow on your fragile heart

Its cruel how days turn to months and the phone call you were waiting for since that dreadful morning does not come and the world has forgotten

Its easy to forget for the world has issues and problems to deal with, while I am a tiny person sulking in a small room tucked away in the corner

No one will look twice to where the soul rots, waiting for another morning or night or any time of the day, waiting for something that will never come

Samuel Becket had his shit together long ago when he let the weirdoes wait out for Godot

Godot never came, as far as the pages of that story is concerned and I fear, I will be stuck in my loop, with no answers

This is my rock bottom, this lone journey that I have to embark on, this is as low as I have ever been

And I hope to God that never again will I give the world a chance to make me sink in the deepest of the oceans in the dark.

Plastered smile

Now, its time to hide from the world and hide yourself from those who feed off you

Hide from all those who take every good thing you have and leave you with bitterness

Hide your bitter old self from the world, hide what you have been reduced to

Hide all those feelings that you feel which brought you down to your knees

Hide that shame you feel while feeling sorry for yourself

Hide your sorry self, hide everything anyone wants to see

Hide your true smile for they will steal that too

Put on a plastered smile, uneven face, and unwanted eyes

That should be your social face so no one can touch you, judge you or hold anything against you

A plastered smile is what you get for being exposed, for trying to reach out to sour grapes and falling on your face

For daring to hope that happiness can be an everlasting bliss

For having the guts to trust anyone completely, so much that you break, you burn and no one cares

I do not take pride in my misery, my friend, its my only reminder of you

This pain is what I have left with a few number of letters and gifts that burn my eyes

Tears have replaced your warm embrace, and empty arms look for you

I do not know if you suffer as much as I do, but you do not hurt the way I do.

Walking away, is what must be done, a smiling face is all you’ll see

For a refuse to bow down to someone who would never do that for me.