Laying it easy

In an open field, behind a boulder which has caught up with time and is almost one with the earth that I sometimes call dirt when it comes in contact with my fingers

Under an open sky, which is blue but has clouds spattered across, like white on a blue canvas, drawing roads and patterns I am too coward to see

Behind a beautiful lie, I hide from the world. A perfect place to be, where your voice won’t ever reach me

Watching you from afar, I see as you leave me behind, moving forward to something better in your eyes

A forgotten love letter, I have to write, I have words, I have no courage to say what I feel as I watch the rusty boulder and birds fly over me

Distractions come easy, I shut my mind to you. You are a dead cell and the cells are multiplying. I feel like I am dying.

The rain has promised a new, fresh perspective, as it lulls me into a dim pitter patter of the water drops across the windshield

Lightening has struck the field where I was seeking refuge, I see from afar as time tries to over power me. I am stuck in a deluge

I may or I may not call for help. But I certainly won’t call you today. Tomorrow. Or ever.

I do not choose you as my muse, but it has been written in stone that for now, I have to have you in my thoughts as you try to slaughter them and I weave them into depressing, sad stories.


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