Rock bottom

Its weird how one day the world stops making sense, things do not add up and logic takes away the train of thoughts

Its funny how life treats you to wonderful moments and snatches the source away as soon as you try to understand the feeling they bestow on your fragile heart

Its cruel how days turn to months and the phone call you were waiting for since that dreadful morning does not come and the world has forgotten

Its easy to forget for the world has issues and problems to deal with, while I am a tiny person sulking in a small room tucked away in the corner

No one will look twice to where the soul rots, waiting for another morning or night or any time of the day, waiting for something that will never come

Samuel Becket had his shit together long ago when he let the weirdoes wait out for Godot

Godot never came, as far as the pages of that story is concerned and I fear, I will be stuck in my loop, with no answers

This is my rock bottom, this lone journey that I have to embark on, this is as low as I have ever been

And I hope to God that never again will I give the world a chance to make me sink in the deepest of the oceans in the dark.

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