What is grief?


What is it?

Grief is the swear word that comes out when nothing is okay

It is the scowl on your face, permanently etched, tightly knit eyebrows

It is the junk food you eat, hog, every night to tire your body into submission

It is the sleep which goes on all day, without the need to pee

It is the inability to move, react or say anything when the phone rings

It is in you, that empty feeling is what grief is

Looking into the outside world for validation is what grief is

Your grief, and mine

It is the end of a life, with days unlived, unsung and incomplete

It is the missing ‘I love you’ from the mouth of the person you love

His or her absence, the fear of losing is what grief is

It is the forced smile when someone greets you: Hey! how are you?

The silent nod of the head, knowing that no one wants to hear the answer

It’s in the realization that you have been grieving a long time,

A long time has gone by and you’ve always known

Your companion is grief.

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