Steps to loneliness

You never choose loneliness, but it chooses you

An endless instance of emptiness, a tardiness of wilful soul

Wanting to meet, forever holding back

Indecisiveness in you, frozen in time

Until time runs away, and you are alone.

They move on, build their castles, make memories, love people

You are single in bed, alone in bed, empty…in bed

Your day starts in the bed, you eat in the bed, no need to shower if you are in bed

It’s comfortable in bed. No rules in bed so you stay in bed.

The world moves on, the emptiness grows until it feels like a choice

Self-inflicted, self harm?

As the days go by, and not once did you hear your ring tone.

So you say that this is it

No more sadness when you leave, no one cares so it better be.

You will be serving a purpose, getting a ghostly complexion and an ass print on your mattress.

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