Songs That Tell Tales 

It’s the mellow, soothing songs that make memories

Down the line, a trigger to allow nostalgia to settle in like nausea

Making you sick to the core, remembering the time that was lost

Yearning for the dials to turn around

Those songs that tell tales of love, laughter and woe

Songs which speak volumes for heartbreak, for an intimate lovers’ moment

For something special, a happy memory or one that scarred the soul

Songs as harbingers of emotion

A turmoil, that ends up swallowing you whole 

A hum here, and a line there and down you fall the rabbit hole 

The wonderland was wonderful but it had its own tale of highs and lows

Songs that tell tales of you and I

Tales of bliss and of sorrow 

All in my playlist, I list them out as they come 

One by one, as we live it. 

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