To Friendships Lost

Bubbling laughter, craning necks to find one another

Holding hands, sheepish smiles

Mysterious glances, secretive secrets

Beautiful relationship, a friendship is 

It is pure, only if true, and if it is sincere, what other need does one have but the other 

To feed, to breathe, to cherish, to dance 

Together, kindred spirits, 

Instagram splashes, meme tags, and birthday posts and million ‘I love yous’

Is what it takes to be that one for the other 

It doesnt end there either, cup cakes, giant photo collages, so many baked cakes and blowing candles together on birthdays 

Making wishes to grow old, and be mothers and godmothers

Comfort in hugs, solace in calls, that one place to be 

When the other is not

So many memories, so much pain 

It seems it all slipped, like sand from my hands 

Come what may, it cannot be repaired for what once lost 

Cannot be found again. 

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