Ahoy, Hope. 

Deep down there is a hole, seen it before, funny looking 

It’s dark and empty, and so cold to touch 

Destroys everything it beholds, so never go near it I have been told 

Buts it’s inside, I am the hole, destruction is me

And so is the fate that I cradle away in my arms

With the burden of many destinies yet to change 

To affect to the best of my ways, 

For good or not, who can tell 

But the hole grows bigger with every passing day 

Sleep is locked away by the mere sins of the soul 

Tormented nights, gear up and swallow me whole 

What you see are the dark circles that I wear as ornaments, gifts of life 

Little price to pay in exchange for a free heart. 

Bear with the brunt, for its gone for too long

And if I see over the mountain tops, I see someone even below than where I stand 

Deep in the valley of sorrows do their flowers grow

Damp, and dingy, they hang so low 

The hole doesn’t feel as threatening as before 

As I make my descent to help the pitiful shadows below 

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