Succour for Pain 

They kept saying it, everyday 

And today I say it too. 

Maybe it’s my high, maybe I get a kick from it 

Maybe it’s my way of coping with my shit 

I may be a succour for Pain, its my only companion 

It’s what I feel, everyday 

So when they said, I agreed. 


I don’t know how to lie in bed and pretend I am comfortable

I do not know how to say I am okay when I am not

But here I am, living it, faking it.

That it is all okay!

I will use that exclamation mark here, I will

For I am tired, and I want to scream and I can’t

So all I have are the punctuations to iterate what the f*** is going on.

I fake it, it won’t be true, and I would be lying

But somebody would get a good sleep out of my lie

I am okay with that too. On my conscience, so be it.

Lets be abstract and say I am a wall, I am wall that is being pushed

I am not going to budge, but I can break.

And I will crumble, and how majestic will be the fall

From grace. That too my friend, will be a fake.

I live the lie, Damnit, I am the lie.

Sleepless Nights 

You got the sunny days and I have the sleepless nights

You took the light, cradled me in the dusky plight 

You got the best of the best, and I got not one dime of the rest 

Your fate is kind, mine is a torpedo 

Tearing me apart, as I watch you float seven seas away. 

It’s the end of an era, and yet the long night doesn’t seem to pass

I want to brave the storm I feel inside, to be more than what I am, for you 

But the smiles, the talks, the laughs fade away with the thoughts that this is how it will stay 

In the agony of the moment, sleep seems far away for what is closer to me now 

But this dark, dull night, keeping me warm in the lofty flame of the past.