It Comes And Goes

Birthday is like a stomach ache

It comes and goes, in little pangs

It turns sour the day before, the sun sets too low

Bed seems more inviting, and people seem like dream devils

Chasing you with false smiles, down the dark corridors of the aging line

Reminding of the life passing by, celebrating death, one day at a time

When its about to come, euphoria rises

And its 12, and past 12 and you feel nothing

You sink, deep down into you

Hoping the day would pass soon

It comes and goes every year, it’s the same story, the same post

Going over and over, feeling the pangs, feeling the life force in you

It’s tiring, its birthday, celebrate your mother’s pain

Your journey ending, your soul fading.

So let’s celebrate death today, for its constant

Life is nothing but a fuss.

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