Loss Is Your Second Name

Not trying to be mean, or ungrateful

But know this, that every year the day comes 

I feel special, as I believe its my day and yet 

The air is always bittersweet 

It has always been

That another year has passed, another moment lost

That I have to fight, fight, and fight 

Against all odds, for I don’t have you to cushion my fall

Every year, the day of happiness brings me sorrow 

I don’t mean to be ungrateful but it’s moments like these 

That I know, that I don’t run away from 

That I miss you to the core of my being 

Your voice, your smile, your style of writing. 

My name, calling me out even in darkest of times. 

It’s my birthday coming dad, and I miss you. And yet again I have to make peace with the fact that another year of struggle lies ahead and with your seat empty, it won’t be easy. 

A battle with my head, smiles wiping away the pain,

And now I know that loss is your second name.  

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