We fall in love too fast, it seems

One breath in, one look and there you fall

Down into the deep forest of desire, you soar into the open skies of wonder

Each moment lovely, each day priceless

So precious, we run it through our minds, smiling, before falling again in our dreams

It’s too easy, it’s being part of the very air we share, the wind

As tranquil as the water

And yet, when the other leaves, we turns into me

When the heart breaks into a silent scream

Then the hours stretch on, the valley of love is a desert of thorns

Sleep finds us not, nightmares crawl in from cracks

Memories turn to pain, love turns to shame

Poison, I bite into every single day

In the hope of a certain death which awaits

Forgetting isn’t easy, it’s the paint peeling off the wall.

Its the pain that everybody feels, its the sorrow that nobody can share

We all know how it is, its the story of life.

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