Today,  it’s death

It morose, it’s a tightly knit web

It’s dingy, it’s you. 

It’s stuck, it’s hopeless, it’s too dark to follow 

Hooded, hidden, hung stands freedom 

When I left the alley I had always known

It was faith that drove me on. 

Nothing too simple, you called, I came. 

So it was death, today.
Come tomorrow, it would fade 

Like an old painted, once made with care but is tarnished by time 

Time, what a loop, what a path 

Death will long be gone, sharing the train with freedom 

What doesn’t go away is the dark, dingy floor 

With my cheek pressed to it, a reflection of my eye, in the pool of blood dripping from one side. 

What a picture, what splash of colours 

It’s death yet again, tomorrow

Face to face, no freedom, no hope

But loss. 


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