It’s the darkness under your bed

Lurking right behind your head

Racking up your brain, forcing you to think insane 

Giving rise to your fears, making you feel like shit

It’s the white spots you see when you close your eyes

Not wanting to see anything that reflects light

It’s the puny thoughts of failure, of being alone 

Which drag you down to your personal hell

And then they come and say 

“Hey, why are you so depressing?”

It’s not m

You, it’s that.

That thing which is dark, circling the drain, about to drown 

And you say, “I am sorry for spoiling your mood.”

While dying and withering away in the darkness which is your own. 

One thought on “Depression

  1. As salaamu alaikum to dear shifa and all at home. When you do feel depressed, lonely, sad just remember Allah(swt) and keep in touch with Him – the creator, cherisher, sustainer, Redeemer of the universe- the hope of the hopeless and help of the helpless!  Offer namaaz regularly and on time as far as possible. It is better to trust in Him than to put confidence in man. When you offer namaaz and dua’s you speak to Him and when you read the holy Quran, He speaks to you. May Allah bless you with His choicest blessings especially good health and peace of mind. Khuda Hafiz, Fi Amanillah.
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