Its Kind Of My Thing

You can take away the lights, the stars,

You can do it all, to make me fall

And I will let you.

Its kind of my thing, to fall.

Let my mouth taste the dust, lie down

Taking in the grief, the humiliation

Waves of regret washing through me

As warm tears turning dust to dirt.

And I know, Its my place in the world.

Its kind of my thing to cry, to hold on to pain, to let it engulf you whole

Until you are pinned to the ground with the weight of your sorrows.

And hiding behind curtains, shying away from people

Roaming in those dingy buses, until the pain in your back grazes over the pain in your heart

I know that pain too. I have felt it in my bones.

It is my thing, to mourn for the life I could have had

Where things need not be so bad.

When I want to end the poem but my feelings keep rushing on

Like a warm summer spring, gurgling from the ground.

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