I Suffer

I suffer

In my thoughts, through my feelings

My emotions, the complexity of of the grey cloud over my head

No silver lining

I suffer through them all.

It rains but I do not get wet, I stay dry

Parched in the rainy season

Such is my suffering. The world moves and I move with it,

Yet I remain where I was, in a loop

Chasing my tail, chasing my shadow

I suffer, for I do not reach where I intend to be

My destiny is blank, my fate has no plan

I drift through life and hence I suffer.

Dont you see? Do you ever feel it?

I suffer. Why dont you see my suffering,

I cry out, I suffer, and I cry out louder

I suffer, I suffer, I suffer

I suffer, I struggle to stay afloat

Its not a part, it is my life.

I suffer and I suffer some more.

Its just suffering, is it?

if it is so, then be it,

Let me suffer, watch me suffer

Till meaning is drained from my sufferings

Till then I suffer.

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