The Pizza Place 

I will take you there someday, where they make pizzas that I crave. 

It will be our first date 

You and I, sharing a pizza at the pizza place 

Would you come on time? 

I don’t want you to be late. 

I hope you wear your funny hat, It suits your face. 

I am here but why aren’t you at the pizza place?! 

My coat is a little too tight but that’s okay 

It would be better if you just came 

The pizza is getting cold and I have not had a bite

The cheese will be rubber, the bread hard 

Toppings will be dry and then so will I! 

You are not coming and my pizza is cold 

Why do you not do as you are told! 

The sun is set and its a perfect setting. 

My head is dizzy, my heart is breaking! 

The pizza is cold, the waiter impatient 

I will just pay him and walk away 

Its night and unlike you, I don’t like being late. 


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