Shahrukh Khan

I have never been too keen about bollywood movies until recently Shahrukh Khan’s movies caught my eye and to be honest, the man makes you fall in love with his every character. I may not have ever said this to anyone but when I was quite young and dil toh pagal hai had just been released, I fell in love with ‘Rahul’ and I said that I wanted to marry him. Ah! The tender age. My uncle flew into a rage and tore the SRK poster that I had to shreds. I never mentioned him after that, even stopped watching his movies. Everyone used to tease me about this incident but I blocked it out. Now I find it funny too! Times change.Now, I have been on a SRK marathon, watching his most popular hits and flops as well. There was this one thing which I noticed that no matter what character the man plays, or how nonsensical the script is, he outshines everything and makes you like the movie anyway. His recent movie, ‘Dear Zindagi’ is one such example. I was bored for the first half of the movie but after the entry of ‘Jug’, I listened to the dialogues with concentration and interest. The undulations of his voice matches his emotions on the screen in a perfect sync. You tend to keep listening, keep watching him on the screen. I had the chance to see him live at a talk show and I loved watching him so close and so real. He is really a self made man and he has proved it time and again that he is the ‘King of Bollywood and romance’. His movies make me yearn to have that ‘bollywood love’ too! The man is truly a credit to his profession. Why am I suddenly talking about him today is because I watched his movie ‘Fan’, ‘Rab ne bana di jodi’, ‘Chak de’ and’Paheli’ consecutively. So his characters are very much alive in my mind right now. All these movies have one thing in common, and that is passion; passion for the lover, for the role model, for fame, for love, for victory.And yes, his smile is really nice. Aging suits him. He is becoming sexier every day!

Source: Shahrukh Khan


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