Sherlock has three episodes in one season and each season comes out in two years. Its been three years since the third season of Sherlock was out. I was eagerly waiting for the fourth which was annoyingly delayed because of Doctor Strange (which I loved by the way) and was thoroughly more annoyed by the Abominable Bride. I mean literally covering 5 minutes of what I wanted to see after ‘miss me?’ mishap. Season four episode one was released on 1st january, 2017. And God was I looking forward to it. I practically grew up with this series. But the episode disappointed me. The only good part in the episode was when Sherlock was talking to little Rosie: “If you want to keep the rattle, do not throw the rattle, hmm?” After that it was all confusing, talking about Mary so much and then small mysteries here and there. Finally A.G.R.A explained. It never bothered in anyway. John cleared that out in the christmas episode three years ago! But no, they brought the Tbilisi Incident and past friends and receptionists being mean. Why did Mary have to die? I mean build the character, make people fall in love with it and then kill it just like that! ITS NOT GAME OF THRONES! I expect it from R.R. Martin but not Sherlock!Anyway, I did not like it. Better improve your game Sherlock for it sure as hell is NOT on.

Source: Sherlock


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