I Wonder

One day, I’ll be gone and you will be here

Would you be alone and sighing in remorse?

I often wonder at what could be

Were I to walk away, if I could.




Skipped Summer

Fear has drained where hope survived

Its all dead; desolate

Heat of the hour, all burned down

In Autumn; we skipped summer

With the ice creams and the shakes

The coolers, the breeze and the sunny breaks

We no longer wait for the grass to be green

The gold has its charm, sure

But no life it holds.

Step One

I searched on google about places to go around Christmas just to lift my mood. I found quite a few places but the one place that sparked my interest was the Sacred Heart Cathedral. I decided to go today instead of Christmas Day as my friend ditched our plans for the day. So off I went to see the church.


So I sat there. I looked. I wondered. The entire Christmas play playing in my head with the idea of Santa Clause. I will find a Clause cap and wear it this Sunday!

It wasnt silent as I had hoped or expected it to be. People were coming and going with little kids making a ruckus but I guess its okay. Christmas deserves a little bit of noises too.



The year is coming to a close. Usually I am the most excited about new years as it gives me a sort of satisfaction that the new year is like a clean slate. But this year, it is different. It feels as if something is incomplete and I have to finish it before the year comes to an end. We have 10 days left and I still havent figured out what is it that I have to do.

Its really unnerving and something I am not used to feeling around this time! Its killing my buzz.


Things You Do For Love

Lips that are painted red, taste like … StrawberriesThe dress a little too tight, to hold on to the vision of the eyesThe imaginary caress of satin against the skinPumps that hurt the feet and yet a smile on the faceDangling earrings, about to cut the fleshYou can almost hear the gush of the blood Holding hands, sweaty but not letting goTime will fly and you knowHe is not here to stay and yetYou hope that he would change his mindThe things you do for love.

Source: Things You Do For Love