My Theory

I was just thinking and while thinking I started thinking about how people keep on whining about that fact that “People always disappoint”. I say that is not true.

We disappoint ourselves. Let me explain why.

You wake up. You make a plan in your head about doing something with your friends that day. While in the shower you imagine and plan all the conversations you will have with them and how much fun you will have gossiping or discussing some topic you wanted to know their opinions on. By the time you are ready and have had your breakfast you have also decided where you will have lunch and what everyone will order. You walk out the front door with a smile that everything is sorted.

However, life comes in your way.

Everyone does the same thing you do, only the choices are different.

The day goes downhill as soon as you meet your friends and they have their own plans chalked out for the day with you. You disappoint them with your own plan and vice versa. No one is happy. Only because we cannot control our thinking and our imagination, we end up being miserable.

Does that make sense or have I started making sense?



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