Too Many Changes

One thing that hasnt changed about me ever since I can remember is the fact that


I hate it. I do not buy the crap that change is good. I may consider the gradual change where you have time to adapt to situations and deal with them subsequently in your own time. But No!!! My changes are sudden, jaw-dropping, mind-fucking changes that make me all unstable and edgy even about the good changes.

Changes scare me and I do not want anything to change but lately it feels as if I am holding the slippery sand in my hands and I know that soon I might run out of sand.

Then there is another question which springs out of this over-thinking process.

So what if the sand runs out? Will it really be that bad?

I dont have an answer to those questions and hence my google history has searches like:

How to not break down

Music to calm the mind

How to accept sudden changes in life


Yes, I have finally joined the league of the insane.

#totallyfedupofcoping #needabreak



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