You Are In Me

Be it day or be it night

Can’t explain but its there

Something unexplained

Could it be love?

Is it enough?

Whether I stay or not, I feel you in my soul

Sleep doesn’t fill the absence

And I want to dream


Fixing You

A nut here and a bolt there


I tighten them, around and around

I fix you.

Getting my hands dirty in your messy life

And yet I stay, fixing you.

Always, every time you break down

I fear you are an old model

But I have faith, you will pull through

For I am there to fix you.



A lion roars or a dog barks

Its like a zoo in my head

Right before the morning strikes

Head aches, restless sleep

Tormented visions, uneasy dreams

Scared of my pillow, cry myself to sleep

The torture, no one around

Screams drowned in the roaring.