It’s Fantastically Sarcastic

If you ask me about life, I’d say mine is bored with me. If my own life can be bored enough to repeat the same episodes that I have already watched , what can I expect of the people around me? I expect shit loads of things from people and it is unfair on them. Its unfair on me too. And there you have the equation of life.

Give your 100% and thats the end of the story. But what if you do and the people around you dont acknowledge that. What then? Do you pack up your bags and just flee?


You say, “its okay. Lets try again.” This time they will get it right. Does it happen? No.

What do you do? Make a fool out of yourself by spending too much, drowning in your own mess.

Smart move.

After you die from the fiasco, you rise like the phoenix bird from the ashes. Then you decide to move on to another world. Does life let you do that?


What do you do instead?

Run away from the shadows of the pasts. The ghosts never leave us. They follow where we go. We sleep and they entertain us as nightmares.

Freud was right to some level. Sigmund Freud had it clear when he wrote the “theory of dreams” and said that the repressed thoughts always find a way to come to the surface.

That explains my nightmares so well. I was always confused about why I was being tormented in that way.

Its my fault. I need therapy.

I am crazy. Dont listen to me.

On that sickly note, I end my sermon.


Sweet Dreams ( irony of life)


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