Dragged, pulled, pushed, carried 

Around the house, lawn, field and more 

“Always together, toy and I 

I love my toy. My toy loves me!”

Happy moments, shared and felt 

Engraved in the tiny heart, swelling with fondness. 

It breaks? Not happy. Tears. Escape. 

Alone. In the corner. Fighting the urge to kick the ground. 

Peace, Soul! Its a toy. It had to go. 

Depend on me instead. I will lead. 

It was not for ever. Bid farewell while you can. 


2 thoughts on “Toy

  1. Dear Shifa Naseer, Good Afternoon and Assalam Aleikkum Warehmatullah Wabarakatuhu! I am mrs.anuradha manoj namjoshi from Mumbai(Bombay).I read your poems n blog and tears came out from my heart.At a very young age, you have suffered a lot. But after reading your blogs I realised that you are a very sensitive,sincere,compassionate person.I am glad that you have opened up your heart and poured out your feelings through your blog rather than keeping them locked them up in your heart..You must be in college now doing your take care. May Allah (SWT) bless you with good health,peace of mind,devine grace and wisdom to make right decisions and choices for yourself in the future..with best wishes and warm regards to you and all at home-anuradha

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