Birthday, 1st April.

Wishing you, with all my heart

Wherever you are, if you are, at all

Birthdays now don’t mean much, no ageing taking place

But its important to remember you, your footsteps

Always in my heart, I love you so much more than I did before.


I found this picture in one of the older albums when all was good, almost! I dont remember the exact year this picture was taken but it is very special.

I miss you today. I can still hear your voice in my head singing “Happy Birthday” with raised hands! :/

Those days. Your laughter. Your hugs. God knows how lonely I feel without your constant support.






One thought on “Birthday, 1st April.

  1. Happy Birthday , May Allah bless you with Highest rank of Jannat and May Allah let you see how your children prosper in life inn sha Allah . I know that is all you ever wanted.

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