For One Day

The old wounds are new again

Fresh tears start to fall again

Pain that was suppressed has broken free again

Loss of what once was mine has taken hold of me again.


I shy away to tell

Stories of time gone by

Who would listen to them, I beg?

For everyone has their own load to shed.


Yet today, there is no energy left

To hold myself together. Let my walls crumble

As I break for just one day.


2 thoughts on “For One Day

  1. Beautiful
    Could not stop myself from commenting again
    Came by here after a long time, reading all the new posts in one go, this go, I just loved this one for how simply you put it. I guess I like your blog because you post stuff how you like them to be, you don’t conform something which might please your followers or add more to this blog other than another entry into your colloquium of feelings, emotions and memories and whatever you want which is great. 🙂
    Go on girl.
    Don 2
    12 mulko ki police mujhe dhund rhi hai aut yahan pehle part ka sequel bna rha hu.

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