The Department Trip, 2016

I am back! It was amazing, sort of Utopia. I didn’t take my watch or used my phone. The timelessness that it brought on was something I have no words to describe. The two days just flew away like … crazy!!!! I made new friends on this trip and experienced new experiences.

The starry nights made my soul feel peace, the actual peace that I was longing for, writing about in my poetry. I felt that peace, that positivity. I was with my friends away from the social setup that we have built for ourselves which binds us, holding us as hostages. For once, I didnt feel like running. Instead I just wanted to sit and enjoy the weather, the sun, the stars, the wind and even the darkness. It wasnt anything new that I hadnt seen before but it was the idea of time lapse, like time stopped in that place. The days were too long, the nights were longer. Even the chill that I felt during the night was welcomed.

I am glad I went for this trip. It sort of changed me in a way I do not understand.

I have gained weight and so I have decided to work out a little and keep a check on my calorie intake. I dont mind being fat but I am chubby and that is something I do not want to be. Chubby cheeks are already in my genes. I do not wish to make them chubbier by being reckless with my diet.

Also, the monotonous life is back. Time again rules my life. I have to turn back to academic studies. Yea, back to reality!


That is me ( left), Siddharth (top), Ayushi (bottom) and Tushar (right).





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