In Loving Memory Of … 

I wa reading the newspaper ( yes I am seen doing such unusual activity every once in a while) and I just read all the obituaries of people who had died. All the “we miss you”‘s and “we love you”s caught my attention and it made me think ( yes I do that at times too) that how many people lose their loved ones everyday. Granted they are missed but what is the purpose of giving it in the newspaper. To remind people? Well, no one would forget if the lost one meant something to them. 

In Loving memory of … I cannot remember any loving memory of dad. I remember a few with bysa papa. Time erodes all or maybe its our defense mechanism. 

I guess we all have some or the other way to deal with grief no matter how unusual it is.  How intangible human life is. 

Hate it. 😕

Anyways, I have decided to give meditation a try to find peace. A lot of people suggested me to try it and I always waved it away. Now I am in the mood to say “Its worth the try.” 


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