Muddy Puddles

Even if you try to avoid, as you step forward
The mud sprays along your legs behind
So annoying, something so trivial
Can cause such a grievance 
Believe me, I know after a rainy night
When you step out in the morning light
Muddy Puddles are there to welcome you alright
But know what they really do, what they really want 
Is to force you to do ballet, make each step a work in itself.


2 thoughts on “Muddy Puddles

  1. Wow. I’ve been a silent reader on your blog since the june of 2015 and had thought I’d remain a silent admirer but this one got me and I couldn’t help commenting finally. I’ve been checking this blog at least once a week for a long time now. I came by here by chance while randomly surfing around in search of good reads and I read a bit and kept on scrolling, reading, scrolling, reading..I was hooked, some of your poems had such depth, such dimension and that it got me wondering and hence by the end of that night, I wasn’t done with the ken follett book I was reading but I was done with most of your blog.
    ( Well, just by the way, Kane and Abel was my favorite book for a long long time too, it is still one of my favorites, have you read paths of glory? and I loved your retelling of the tale of Peverell brothers too)
    I’d gotten a bit of personal insight too and no judgement, I assure you. The reason why I’ve never commented before maybe because I am stranger and you might not have taken my comments as I meant them. I mean, you have a few pictures here too, and you look good and I didn’t want you to ever think that my appreciation owed anything to your looks, you look good but boy oh, you write exquisitely. And that is the sole reason, I come here time and again and it is pieces like this one that make me wonder. I remember my heart experiencing something when I read something like “Caged animals will rejoice at being free, rivers will run clean/clear” I am sorry I don’t remember the exact words was one of those pieces of writing. I’ve wondered about agony, suffering, remembrance and a lot of things over the course of many poems I’ve read here, these are things people try to escape, but I’ve found myself embracing the brutality and rawness of it. Words like ‘pity’ and ‘sympathy’ don’t even cross my mind but ‘courage, depth, emotion, awe’ do, quite often. I am sorry if I touched a personal chord there. In a recent post you started with “This blog is so depressing”, I don’t think so, it does not depress me. A reader reads because he likes to wonder and wander. You make me wonder.

    and of course, as an ardent reader and follower, I guess I can be a bit critical too, also hoping that you don’t end up replying with my errors on this long comment, too.

    At times, you end up making tiny mistakes like for example writing it is as not it’s but its. I believe you do know the difference between it’s and its and you end up using its because you’re casually posting from my mobile or at times just writing it down here and not focusing on these stuff. It does not matter, really, It’s just that I am a grammar nazi who makes a lot of grammatical mistakes himself.

    and I like the long poems better than 2 liners and this one shouldn’t matter too, it is your kingdom, remember?

    I guess, I’ll just stop here?
    oh, by the way. did I tell you, how amazing this piece was?

    11 mulko ki police mujhe dhoondh rhi hai aur mai yahan anonymously(hopefully) lambe lambe comments likh rha hu. Urdu poems bhi achi hain lekin mujhe urdu utni samjh aati nhi toh kayi baar google krna padta hai, chalo isi bahane urdu bhi seekh jayenge

    You go, girl.

    1. Hahahhahahaha!
      Well, your comment made me laugh. And I really appreciate the people who make me laugh since we dont have many reasons to laugh usually.
      Thank you for reading my blog. And I really appreciate positive criticism. Thank you for taking time to observe my mistakes. Yes, its out of laziness that I write its instead of it’s. Thankfully I know the difference between the two. And two liners was an experiment. I dont like confining my writing to one pattern. Hence, I keep derailing here and there.
      No, I did not feel awkward about your long comment. Instead I am honoured that you took enough time out of your life to read and comment here.
      Thank you!
      Comments like these always make a milestone of my journey. 🙂

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