Well, now that the fest is over and we have come back to our normal routine, I managed to find time to gather a few pictures from the fest and through these pictures introduce certain people in my life. I dont have a huge friend circle. I have a quality circle of people who I can genuinely call friends. And I am proud of them.

Anyways, the fest went quite well. I was tired as hell by the end of it but it was worth it. 😛 Spending time with my classmates which I hadnt done in quite some time was somewhat a really good experience.

Our fest was for two days and our theme for Day 1 was ethnic and we were so tired on Day 2 that no one really bothered to dress up that day. hahahha. I was the chief ones among them.

Yes, I am in all the pictures below but then its my blog and I have every right to be on every nook and corner of it.  😀 #narcissistic much ?



I have been building a life with new people around me and its quite a good experience. New people bring in new ideas to talk about and new opportunities as well.

Today I had a good day. I may finally tilt towards some optimism that life can be better after all.



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