System Of Change


On one side, we say that change is good and on the other side its repercussions are not something we are comfortable with. Why is it that one runs out of patience? Why cannot we just be the way we are and not change? Why cant things go on the way we have always known them to be? Why cant we just stay our safe zone and feel safe?

All these things are meaningless in this world for change is a must. We cannot expect things to be the way they are. They are always bound to change whether we like it or not. Sometimes, the ball is in our court and most of the time, its not. A very good example would be the electricity in Jammu and Srinagar. *chuckles*

And what we can do is accept, adjust, compromise and learn to live with the changes.

That is my rational side.

Now my irrational side is furious with the way things are in this world. If it were upto me, nothing and no one would change. Everything would be the way I want and stay the same. Now if you would bring in the argument that

“Wont it be monotonous to live like that?”

I would answer

“It does not matter. My zone of security will be as it is and I would be as safe as I can ever be. And I want that security in my life. I have endured huge changes in life and now I would like to stop, breathe and live for death is never very far, its always right round the corner. So before it is my turn, I would like to feel alive for once. And I can do that only if I am sure of my world. Right now, it is transitory. I want it to stop changing so I can stop worrying about those changes.”

Phew. Thats it. Its difficult to explain but I wish I would have that kind of life but its not possible and I know that. So I might as well just buy some cats (which I find creepy anyway) and settle down like an old hag.


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