Another Year Gone By …

Last year, on 5th September, I posted on this blog about Dad. He was a teacher too, almost all his life. It used to be a very special day for him. Now each year, melting into another, all I have left of my father are memories and yearly blogposts. Even as it sounds silly, its saddening for me that I have been deprived of things that I used to value. 

I used to make fun of dad when I was a little child that he doesnt know anything! Ofcourse I didnt understand the value of a PhD from IIT 🙈. Yea, now when I remember it, it makes me feel really stupid! 

So yet another year gone by without Dad by my side. 

I dont know how many years will it take for my posts to get shorter, my memories about him weaker, and my longing for him will eventually fade. Its been 5 long years without him. 

So with that depressing thought … 

Happy Teacher’s Day, Dad! 

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