The Sun claws at my day, drawing from it what I cherish 
I suffer in the light while people pray for the illumination of the world
Each day is hard, the Sun is ruthlessly bold 
For even in its majestic glory, I feel cold. 
This is just a play of words, a farce to keep me going 
Yet I feel the Doom, the air reeks of its rotting smell 
These vague emotions tire me out, feed the gloom that serves the day 

4 thoughts on “Suffer

  1. Hi Shifa didi! I’ve been following your blog for quite some time and I would like to share with you my feelings about your beautifully spun master pieces. All your poems and articles pave a way to the latent secrets and bitter realities. Each work of yours makes me appreciate you more and more; the respect and love will never cease I promise. I hope you continue to be a cloud and your words the sunshine; a relationship so symbiotic and intriguing. Lots of love, Gauri. And yes, please inquire Shlagha didi about me. Just hope that she doesn’t have anything negative to say! 😛

    1. Hi Gauri, thank you so much for your appreciation. You are kind! I will make it a point to ask shlagha about you and I am sure she will be a good words for you 😄😉

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