Happy Birthday, Bysa Papa

IMG_5490Waqt nahi raha, woh sama nahi raha, jab milte the hum aapas mai yun sada. Gardish ne yun karwat li hai, ki pani ke saath beh gaya mera jahan. Aankhon se khwaab gayab hue, jab aap hum se judaa hue. Aaj janamdin par aap ki yaad mere saath hai, akele baithe hain tou kya, aapke nishaan mere saath hain.

Shifa Naseer

That time is no more, those seasons are no more, When we were always together. Fate has been so treacherous that it took away my world with the flood that came. The dreams vanished from my eyes the day you were separated from me. Today is your birthday, and your memory is with me. So what if I am alone, I have traces of your existence with me.

The reason why i havent been much active on my blog is that I had stopped thinking altogether. Its too painful to even put into words. I started this blog to cope with my father’s death and now I dont even know if this blog is going to be enough or not to cope with what I have gone through.

1st April is Bysa Papa’s birthday. After papa, he became a very important person in my life and four years later of papa’s death, he too died.

Now today I wanted to wish him, sing him a birthday song, pray for him but he isnt here. So as usual, I will post it on my blog.

Happy Birthday Bysa Papa. I love you. I miss you. I still cant believe that you were alive at this time last year and we cut the cake together.

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