In An Ignorant Blissful World

They showed me the real face of life way too soon

Forced me to watch, bear witness to the onslaught

I saw them pine away, I saw them die

I was there the whole time, I did not blink my eyes

I watched as my beloveds were gone, just like the sand in the wind

Slipping away with each breath, every movement seemed fatal

I grieved, I prayed and I hoped that they may be spared

I wanted to be spared too, spared from the pain and sorrow

To see life becoming more meaningless day by day

Getting emptier everyday, as I watch my home

Once filled with my beloveds, now standing alone

Who would understand me as I cry out in pain?

The world doesnt understand my struggle

They havent seen me writhe in helplessness

How can I explain and how can I ever put my misery into words!?

The world seems ignorant as I burn inside, as I smile everyday and dont break down

They make it difficult and wait, wait for me to give way

I also wait, wait to see my life destroy everything that I ever lived for.

3 thoughts on “In An Ignorant Blissful World

  1. Believe me buddy you are not alone in this world. There are many people to care for a great person like you. I dont know you personally, have never met you but i can say it more surely that people can give their lives for you. what ever you call it makes a sense to me. Be Strong. world is gonna play many more scenes for
    always remember these lines of Robert Frost
    woods are lovely dark and deep
    but there are promises to keep nd miles to go before i sleep and miles to go before i sleep.
    Stay blessed..

  2. When we think everything is going well, someone or something comes and turns it upside down ,but that is life.
    unmatched bouts of sorrow do come in everyone’s life :/ but we just need to remember that behind every sorrow and grief that Allah gives us, he has a reason.

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