As I toss and turn on a bed which is new for me
Unaware of how many slept in it before me
My fresh new sheets feel coarse to my skin
The pillows too high, the blanket too heavy
Restless, I try to find comfort in my memories
But Alas! They pierce my restless heart without mercy
As I think about the changes of my life
I think about what I left behind
I long for the gentle caress of my mother
The familiar touch, the sensible life
Home seems so far as I look around
The unwelcome, pale yellow of the walls
The dry bulbs with the dry, white, colourless light
I reach out and switch it off
With my cold bed and nothing to calm my nerves
On the verge of breaking down, I pray a silent prayer
The dark room plays tricks on my eyes
I cringe away and hide in my blanket
Its dark and its silent
Its almost as if its holding me down
I realise that I miss the comfort of my mom’s embrace
I shut my eyes and hold myself tight
I think of home, I think of light!

4 thoughts on “HomeSick

  1. Very nicely written. Admire your poems a lot. This one pretty much describes my Life. Sorry not my Life but my Existence. Lonely Existence.

    1. Well i am not the right person to advise you on loneliness as i myself am a loner. But ask yourself! Do you get pleasure by being lonely?
      If yes, then continue as a lonely person. That doesnt mean you are a loser.
      If no, then correct your habits and socialise. Its easy.

      1. Ya used to my loneliness now. Pretty much happy. Tried every possible way to be friendly, to make friends, to socialize… but…..I guess it wasn’t meant to be.. You see once our solitude is overcome, we are no longer Lonely, for we find our innermost self.

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