Happy Birthday, Pami Khala. 5th August.


Happy birthday Pami Khala!

Pami Khala was my mother’s elder sister. She was one of the best people I knew. She was as amazing as a person could be. She loved us equally and made us feel special. I have so many memories of her. I still remember her cute hands, her nose ring and the way she used to call her daughter. But as fate had it, she died of cancer in 2008.
Yes, I miss her. We all miss her. My family feels incomplete without her. She was one of the building blocks of our family. Her loss resonated throughout our family and relations. Her death was a tragedy for all those who personally knew her.
Today is her birthday. I still remember her last birthday with us. It was the last get together we had with her. Soon after her birthday in 2008, she was diagnosed with Cancer and within a month, she died.
It is an impossible truth for us. Her death was a blow to our family.
Her kind heart and soul was so valuable and we lost her to cancer.

No, I will not write any poetic lines for her. My grief on her death is far too great to think of some lines.

I still love her. I still miss her even after all these years. Her death left a hole, a gaping hole that still wont stop hurting.
On every occasion, she is being missed. And she will be missed until we live in this world carrying her memories with us. Forever.

16 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Pami Khala. 5th August.

  1. She is at peace in the highest of Heavens above. All Allah’s will. We all have to leave this world. Its just that some leave early & some later. Yes we feel the loss, but we’ll meet over loved ones up there one day.

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