First Day Of College. 21 july, 2014.

After running around the college corridors, I found my class. Its an alright class and I am sitting on the first bench. I dont know anyone and nobody knows me. So instead of sitting idle, I took out my phone to type away on my dear blog.
Let me explain what went on so far.
I woke up on time. I got ready on time. I didnt find my class on time. I felt like an idiot ‘not on time’. I am really nervous. I have a little time to post some things.
The college is nice but I am yet to see what my classmates are like.
I havent met my roommate yet but thats okay. I heard that shes a good person.
Speaking of my room, I spent the first night of my life away from home. It was so awkward for me. And I had a really restless night.
So far its alright but now I am not that sure.
More updates later as the day rolls by.
Happy new days!


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