Fit Or Fill

There will come a moment in your chaotic life when you will lose a puzzle piece of your favourite puzzle game. You will look everywhere for it, try to make a new one or worse pretend that the gaping hole in your puzzle picture isn’t there.
Fair enough, you will start getting used to that hole. That moronic puzzle piece starts fading from your memory. You imagine it there. And it keeps you happy.
Fair enough.
Then you find other pieces. They don’t exactly fit but fill the space nonetheless. You succeed into believing that you don’t care. You pretend that the pieces not only fill but they fit too. Pretension is cool. Its safe.

Until you find that original puzzle piece lying carelessly somewhere. And now you don’t know where to fill that puzzle piece. There’s no space for that puzzle piece to go. Its the perfect fit but theres no place for it to fill.
You stare at the puzzle piece and try to think. You remember how much you looked for it, how much you wanted your puzzle to be complete. But now there are different pieces holding your puzzle. But you find the original puzzle piece and now you are confused.
Do you want to lose that puzzle piece all over again?
Do you think you can live with the fact that your puzzle picture can never be perfect?
Are you willing to accept the old puzzle piece and fit it where it belongs?

Its not easy. Its not only a game. Its more than that.
Way more than that.

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