Paper Boats

I saw the raindrops on my window glass
One following the other in a rampant race to win the end
I laughed as I looked and as I looked I had a thought
I turned around and grabbed my notebook
Tore few pages from it and ran out
Put the pages in front of my mom
I made a puppyface and asked her for help
Together we made the paper boats and I clapped my hands in glee
I gathered them in my arms and ran out
Looked at the pathway and spotted a big puddle of rainwater
Laughing I lowered them down
As they floated and clashed together
Looking up at the sky, I closed my eyes
Smiled as the raindrops teased my cheeks
Ran down my neck and made me tickle.
I rejoiced in the rain with my paper boats
So small their size; so huge they made me smile


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