Trust Is Money

While thinking about friendship and socialising these days, I made a very interesting revelation.

Let me explain it through a situation pertaining to a Stock Market.
You are the manager and a customer comes to you with his money to invest in your firm. You are all pleasantness and charming that the customer believes your honesty. You make sure he believes you as he doesnt know you. You represent yourself in a very convincing manner that he trusts you with his money blindly.
He makes his deposit.

All is well until you lose. You lose all the money in the firm. It doesnt matter if it was your fault or not. What matters is that you lost your customer’s money.
Will he come to you with his money for investment again?
He gave you his money for investment. You were supposed to take care of his investment and make it profitable. But you betrayed him and you were the reason he lost it all.

The same is the case with friends. You meet a person and you both get talking. You like each other’s company and eventually you become fast friends. The trust you earned from your friend for the first time was freely given to you as a gift.
But you broke your friend’s trust in some way. You deeply hurt your friend.
Do you really believe that your friend will trust you again? Even if your friend is very generous and forgave you, things wont go back to how they were in the beginning.
The trust you earned the first time was gratitous. It was a gift from your friend to you. But you broke the trust.
Either you may earn your friend’s trust again by making up for it or you may lose a friend forever.

So thats what made me think that trust is money. No one gives money for safekeeping to a thug the second time around. Same applies for people. No one will trust you again if you break their trust the first time.

Its a thought I had and I had to share it here.

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