In Your Eyes

In your eyes, I saw my reflection
A perfect painted picture of me; flawless and sparkling.
Adored and loved, filled with the colours of ecstacy.
I was raised up and above
To new heights of worship.
In your eyes.

In your eyes, I was the one
Who held you by the palm of her hand
I twisted and you turned
Utter devotion clear from your face
Ready to sacrifice everything.
In your eyes, you held dear.

But in your eyes, I saw that doubt
A seed of which was planted by them
I saw myself falling
From the clouds and into the dust
Heart breaking into thousands of tiny pieces
Like scattered dew drops in a certain fresh morning
Tears that came were marked false
The pain on my face was called fake
In your eyes.

In those eyes, I let myself die.
I let my empty eyes stay awake
I found no help in those eyes
Who once promised a life long sail
Those eyes rejected my truth
Accepted the lies
I saw trust in those eyes but not for me
I was rediculed
I was tarnished forever, called a liar
By those eyes.

5 thoughts on “In Your Eyes

  1. Wow!!! Incredibly moving and deeply felt and conveyed words. The eyes, windows to our souls are they not? God bless you and help you to keep up the wonderful work 🙂

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