Frozen Years

Time flies yet I dont see change
Time decays you, it makes you
Yet I see myself right there
On the balcony, barefoot
I still see the world through tears in my eyes
Swimming around the eyelids
As I fight to reign them in
Time does the tick and tock on the clock
But I seem frozen despite the warmth of the fire
The fire in me, the rage that I feel.
I still stand on the balcony with red railings
The rain is still pouring down on me
My hair wet, sticking to my face
As you go, on your own.
I still stand with nothing but bare hands
I still stare as you turn the corner
I still feel that urge to run
To break the ice around my heart
Even though the moment passed
Life went on
But the feelings are as fresh as the recent snowfall.
The cold, the waves of desolation
The rain, the washing away of hopes and dreams
All is same as the people gone by.
Like dead, like frozen years.

5 thoughts on “Frozen Years

  1. “I still see the world through tears in my eyes”
    –Oh yes, I can see why you see the world through tears. There’s so much pain, suffering, fear, etc. And the worse thing is that it’s not getting any better. Only worse.
    Nice poem. 🙂

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