Where Is My Peace?

Life is a question that I often ask
I demand, I try to figure it all out.
There are no answers, only enquiries
I shake my head, I bow down to silence
Thats what I do when I dont get my answers
Where is my peace?
All I receive is the echo of my own voice
Why cant I have it?
All I get is empty walls, empty life
If I look, why cant I find it?
All I find is hollow hearts with hollow dreams.
My hollow dreams, left incomplete
I dare not finish it.
I dare not touch it.
For I am afraid.
I have no peace.
Where is my peace?
Where indeed!
Turbulence and all my instability
The shaking of my feeble  heart
Quivering lips as I try to ask
I have no words
I find myself bound
There is no way out
Life went on but I had no peace.
I still have no peace
Where is my peace?
Oh God!
I need my peace.
What if I break and what if I lose?
Death without peace, life without my own release
Soul is bound, the iron bars around
Hell! I want this peace that I ask for!
I am not that bad. I do not deserve it.
Where is my peace?
Where indeed!

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