If Only You Were Here

I blame no one, I blame only you. Even if it sounds unreasonable and childish, I still blame you!
Its all your fault! If you hadnt left right when I needed you the most, I may have gotten a chance to choose my path. I wouldve been able to decide what I really want in life without being afraid of being told off or criticized.
You and I both knew what I wanted.
You were the only One who valued the writer in me.
No one gives a damn anymore to what I write.
Can you believe no one in the family reads what I write?
Yeah thats my life.
Had it not been for you, I wouldnt have been so bitter, so withdrawn from everyone.
Why did you leave?
Why you?
I cannot explain how much I feel your absense these days.
I dont like the fact that you left me here. You left me when I needed you the most!!!!
I am angry. I am annoyed.
Its all your fault.
They are hurting me.
You cant help me.
Why did you go?
Why cant you be with me?
Sigh. How much will I beg?
I know you cant be here.
But the little girl in my wants you here, Dad!
I needed you now.
I needed you here so you could help me without anyone trying to bring me down.
Everyday I think, If you were here, this wouldve been like this, that wouldve been different. I only say “if”. Now I hate the word “If”. It makes me angry knowing “If” can never be.


2 thoughts on “If Only You Were Here

  1. So many of them here value and read your poems…. (I sure Do)
    The writter inside you is great …. Indeed :’)
    Dont loose Heart… Everything gonna be alright Kind Lady 🙂

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