Coming To Life

I stand by my words, I stand by you
Your reflection, your shadow, Its true!
You hurt, I hurt.
But I never show.
You bleed blood, I bleed tears.
You walk a different walk
A parallel universe
Yet somehow, somewhere our paths cross
We fight, our mountainous egoes clash!
Like thunder, like storm we link!
From two different worlds, seconds away from destruction!
We tend to destroy
Like two sides of a coin.
Different yet so alike.
I imagined you, you came to life. Same as ever.
A dream I had. A fantasy I spinned.
A support I asked. And You were found.
I saw you then. And I see you now.
No common ground and yet we stand
Not holding, not even trying
Still we stand
Stand face to face
Fighting battles of our own
To please, to be there in the moment
We share.
Unique it is.
Imagination coming to life.
Our lives.

4 thoughts on “Coming To Life

  1. * Three Bows*
    Simply Awesome…. :’)
    Lady! You are the best… (y)
    No one can ever give so much comely words to such abstract thoughts as you do… 🙂
    “Power to your pen”

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