Dont ever cry
No, no crying wont do
Its just another sign of how much they hurt you
You pretend, you show, you are all right
You can distract, you can laugh right in front of their sight
Take revenge, you say?
I dont have a dark side
Devil is not in me that I ruin others
Rejoice if they may in my misery
I still wont lash out, I still wont stand up
I choose silence to sound
Loneliness to love
Redeem to revenge
Pleasure to pain
No dark side, the evil mind
I cant hurt you
I cant do it!
I will always stand high
No matter the stones in my paths
The stabs on my back or the wrongs done in my favor
I had a heart but now its just a pump
Oozing blood with each thump!
Now I dont care
Now I no longer expect
I learned to live alone
With me, with myself as company.


One thought on “Heartless

  1. Well ,, At times it may seem as though you and your past are one. Sometimes we
    fail to differentiate between what
    has happened to us and who we are
    today. If you have a hard time
    getting beyond that damaging mind-
    set let me encourage you right now.
    You are not your past Although you
    are changed and shaped by past
    experiences who you were yesterday
    does not control the person you
    have the potential to become
    tomorrow.. .. SMILE 🙂

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