Heart That Can Love

Find me a heart that can love
That can love beyond boundaries
Bound to be limitless
Something which goes deep, down to the bottomless pit
Like the light to light up the way
Like the shine to brighten up the day
Find me a soul that is so pure
That they fall to their feet
Bow their heads in such purity
A soul with love so hard, so intense to give
That I bathe in its glory
That I let it sink into me
Find that heart with such a soul
Together they will make me whole
Love so true, soul so pure
I wish to die wrapped around it
Warming my heart, removing the doubts
A heart that can love, a soul I can cherish
To be mine forever
As I wish this wish to the silver star
Which seems so near yet so far


24 thoughts on “Heart That Can Love

      1. Write a post. Add the badges (using add media). List your nominees. Use the link function for each nominee. (You have to visit their posts and copy the short link addresses.)

    1. Haha … A writer doesnt need anyone to tell him/her what to write. Whatever one writes is implusive. Its ones own self in words.
      If you are not a writer then you can use your blog for collage pictures, latest updates. .. Anything! Theres a whole wide world out there to write about!!

      1. ‘just kidding’ usually means u wanted to say that but werent sure of my reaction n so adding those words to make it sound like a joke.
        For ur benifit … I will reply
        “haha … ”

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