Words V/s Beauty

You said I won
Your words are mere words
Beauty is precious
But words give it shape
I decline the victory
Unless I earn it fairly
So what say you,
Will you fight fair ?

words get beauty
by putting you in place
the beauty in place

Words make beauty
Something we call purity
Why you favour beauty ?
When you have words to relish
To devour

words does the virtual bliss
beauty gives the eternal pleasure
words are a myth
beauty is real
the real is beauty

Words are real
Beauty is not
Words are firm
Beauty is not
Words are our own
Beauty is not

Beauty is yours
words are mine
I wrote in paper
you wrote in you
you wrote in living being
beauty is living
you are living

I am living but I dont have a life
I seem alive but worse than the dead
What use is beauty if theres no peace?
What use is beauty if there is no truth beneath?

Beauty gets life while you walk
My words get life while someone talk
Let the words put there in corner
Will cherish the beauty!!

The corners are secretive
The beauty, a threat
We are all here in this life
Weak, oppressed by fate
Beauty will fall
It will decay

Cherish before it perish
Take it in hand as it so kind
Come and say near
if words are higher
than you beauty
come close and hold
hand in hand say if words are true?

I look you in the eye
I say
Words are mighty
Words ring true
Through the ages
Through centuries

Your eyes are beautiful
the way you look
speaks a thousand secrets
the hand you hold plays
a thousand songs
makes me to utter a thousand words
the beauty in your lips says a silent song
my words are falling as I dont know
what i speak, what i pass to you

Words describe eyes
These eyes are voids, they are vacant
The way i look speaks of my defeats
My loss
I utter a few words
For I am afraid to say
For wind might carry my words away

beauty doesnt need a word
to describe, to praise
come close i show you the beauty
that is hidden within you

There is no beauty
There is no praise
No shine, no gleam
Everything is dead
Like the autumn leaves

is it you?
you, the beauty speak to me?
ok let us run the game at night
in the darkness of bliss
believe it you will feel it 

The cells are dead
They do not feel
They do not know
They do not believe
For all they saw was treachery

feel is not with cells
feel with eternal bliss
being united
dead or alive
be united feel happy
feel beauty of being naughty

Be good
Be strong
Words will give courage
They will make you stand


This is the result of a small game played by me and a fellow blogger …Martian Poet

I won! ;P

10 thoughts on “Words V/s Beauty

  1. “I decline the victory
    Unless I earn it fairly”

    Reminds of my 10 year old granddaughter. At karate tournament she won her weight division by default as there were no competitors that day in that category. She did not accept the trophy. Now that’s a kid with first rate class in my book,

      1. has grown to such a big poem 🙂 dint expected the flow is good.. omg I can sing a duet 🙂

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